Internet sites we have found particularly helpful and interesting:

We would like to thank the following people for trying to help us:

Mechanic BOR, you number one with us, we love you long time!

Wietse for president...

NIELS from Bever Zwerfsport for doing an excellent job outfitting us with gear that's way to cool for us!

YOS from Faddybike. Special thanks from mr Sandler.

Thanks to PEET at for being on top of things. Without him the bikes would not have gotten to Anchorage (please ship them home again).

JOLIJN for putting up with Sanders crap...

DE VRIES brothers for trying hard but being too late. We definitely take you up on your offer for backup service.

And of course all our friends and family that has not seen much of us during the preparation of this trip but stayed supportive regardless.